I never thought the day would come when I would share a pizza dough recipe! First, I hate working with yeast & second I always believed that pizza should never be made at home! But things change & so do I.

I have been working on this recipe for months; trying almost 70% of all the dough recipes I came across online & all the recipes I was given by my mother’s friends! So the below recipe is mainly bits & pieces from every recipe I tried.

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I think by now you can tell I am a BIG fan of roasted peppers; I always have a jar of roasted pepper at hand as I add them to dips, sandwiches, salads, pasta & now chicken!

This dish is very flavorful, easy to prepare & only requires ONE pot. If you have your peppers roasted in advance, this recipe won’t take more than 30 minutes to prepare. Continue reading “CHICKEN WITH ROASTED PEPPER SAUCE”



Summer is almost here & refreshing salads’ season will start! Grilled protein & a big bowl of salad will be all what you need for a delicious light lunch.

Although I am in love with making all kinds of salads but this is a new thing that I learnt lately when my passion for food grew & I started to discover that almost any salad you eat in a restaurant can be made at home. Continue reading “FATTOUSH SALAD”



As much as I love creating new recipes from scratch, I also adore re-visiting classical dishes & playing around with the ingredients to give them a new vibe.

I was never a big fan of Negresco honestly, especially the taste of boiled chicken, which in my point of view, overpowered everything else. But I liked the concept of adding chicken to oven baked pasta so I decided to give traditional Negresco a new twist.  Continue reading “MODERN NEGRESCO WITH VEGGIES”



A year & half ago when I started this blog, I told you that I am not a baker by any means but actually the more I follow my passion & explore deeper into the cooking world, the more I fall in love with baking. Actually, it has this calming & relaxing effect more than any thing in the world. At the end of day, I am a cake addict so how come I wasn’t into baking? Continue reading “LIGHT CARROT CAKE WITH LABNEH FROSTING”



I know you are used to me posting quick recipes but to tell you the truth sometimes I crave slow cooked rich stews. PLEASE don’t get intimidated by the word “stew” & the cooking time, I promise you this recipe is soo easy & 2 hours of the cooking time won’t need your attention so basically it’s a 30 minutes recipe haha. Go enjoy a book or play with your kids & let the stove do the work for you. Continue reading “BEEF & VEGGIE STEW”


Dutch Baby after the puffiness collapses
My kids’ Friday breakfast is pancakes & tell you a secret, I ALWAYS ALWAYS hated that! I wake up, run to the kitchen, prepare the batter & spend not less than 20 minutes in front of a hot stove making stacks of pancakes! KILL ME!!

The day I came across DUTCH BABY recipe online was a dream come true! I simply threw the ingredients in the blender then baked the batter in the oven! Voila, DONE!

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