Summer is almost here & refreshing salads’ season will start! Grilled protein & a big bowl of salad will be all what you need for a delicious light lunch.

Although I am in love with making all kinds of salads but this is a new thing that I learnt lately when my passion for food grew & I started to discover that almost any salad you eat in a restaurant can be made at home. Continue reading “FATTOUSH SALAD”



As much as I love creating new recipes from scratch, I also adore re-visiting classical dishes & playing around with the ingredients to give them a new vibe.

I was never a big fan of Negresco honestly, especially the taste of boiled chicken, which in my point of view, overpowered everything else. But I liked the concept of adding chicken to oven baked pasta so I decided to give traditional Negresco a new twist.  Continue reading “MODERN NEGRESCO WITH VEGGIES”