The Holy month of Ramadan is 2 weeks from now & I can’t wait for my favorite 30 days to start :) The month of unbelievable spirituals, gatherings & food!

Unlucky me, I am one of those people who finishes Ramadan with 3-4 extra kilos on my waist line. I don’t know whether it’s the fasting or the amazing gatherings that make my appetite go crazy or the delicious food that makes me think of nothing but food!

But lately, I have been making some changes that proved to be working! For me, Ramadan is not the month of healthy food; I eat, I indulge & never deprive myself but with 3 new rules:

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I just came back from my Easter vacation at the Red Sea just to find this horrible heat!!

What’s this guys?!! We are officially boiling :(

One of my worst nightmares is spending hours in the kitchen in such weather! I just can’t stand being cooked myself in front of the stove hahaha

Here comes my series of “quick solutions” to save us from getting a kitchen tan!

This All Purpose Dressing is my “go to” option when I want to serve my family tasty healthy food in NO TIME!!

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