Hi :)

My name is Sara!

I live in Cairo, Egypt. I am a 2004 AUC graduate with a major in Integrated Marketing Communication and double major in Psychology and Political Science. I worked in one of the top local advertising agencies for 9 years and one day Oops! Cooking just took over everything!

I grew up in a house where cooking was a least priority (if it was even on the list); my mother hated anything that had to do with the kitchen and our cook mastered only 5-6 basic Egyptian recipes! Yes, Delivery contributed to a very big chunk of my life.

One day (9 years ago), I was working on a work presentation and all i could think of was Lasagna and idea of “cooking it”  just conquered all my senses (I have no idea why although I was never EVER into cooking). I printed an online recipe, shopped all the grocery items and OH MY GOD! the outcome was a total mess – a soupy undercooked … (anything but lasagna). BUT since that day, I got hooked … I simply fell in love with cooking at first sight! Since then, I find my comfort and happiness in anything food related – trying recipes, watching programs, reading books, learning, attending classes … you name it!

In 2013, I quit my adverting job and started my catering business but 2 months later I got pregnant with my CUTEST MOST PRECIOUS twins and had to put the project on hold. Today, no way i am doing that again with my 1.5 yr olds hanging to my arms (and legs) all day.

Thanks to blogging, I can now develop my passion further and further. I am here to share with you creative recipes cooked with everyday ingredients! I just love playing around with regular ingredients and taking them to a new level.

I cook simple, easy and creative recipes to suit our busy daily schedules!

BUT I am a lousy photographer – I just can’t get the idea of shooting, lighting, styling and editing SO FAR! I am learning I PROMISE :) but until then, all the food shots are mine but the backgrounds are Internet bought.

Hope you fall in love with my recipes like I do!

Put on your apron & Let’s get started ,


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